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Is Technology Making Our Homes Easier to Manage or Harder to Control?

Heating and cooling your abode is perhaps the most important part of the creature comforts that make a house a home. With the everlasting desire to be comfortable in our homes, the technology surrounding home temperature control is constantly evolving, too. When looking for new gadgets to streamline or otherwise improve your home's heating and/or cooling system, consider the following:

The Over The Sill Low Profile Air Conditioner - This product is the perfect fit for those people who aren't ready to make the dive into a full HVAC service in their home. The Over The Sill unit fit snuggly against the window pain of your choice. Only requiring about four inches of clearance in order to fit properly, this air conditioning unit provides advanced cooling without sacrificing natural light in your living space.

The Evapolar EvaSMART Personal Air Conditioner - Even more convenient, this personal air conditioner stands at just over 8 inches tall. App controlled, and ready to roll, this little powerhouse adds an extra boost to any room that may not be covered well by your current cooling system. As an added dimension of cool to this personal cooler, you can connect it to your Alexa unit for voice support!

Honeywell Lyric T5 - Rated "Best Value" by cNet, the Honeywell Lyric T5 is a small but mighty home thermostat takes after the above EvaSMART product, as this device is also Alexa compatible. The "smart home" dream is achievable with this WiFi thermostat unit, as "adaptive recovery" gives the Lyric the ability to gauge how quickly your HVAC system reaches your temperature goal, making scheduling different climate goals a breeze.

Dyson Pure Cool TP4 - Looking for a fan to save on your air conditioning costs? The Dyson TP4 will do exactly that. With WiFi accessibility, a HEPA carbon filter, and a full air quality report available in live-time, the Dyson TP4 is the ultimate solution to an air conditioning-free home. The heavily filtered air comes out cool and strong, providing both heat relief and virtually allergen-free air for those pollen-heavy days of spring, summer, and fall.

ATOMI Smart WiFi Tower Heater - Another candidate for "Smart Home Goals", the ATOMI Smart Heater features WiFi connectivity and Alexa and Google Home support, while also ensuring your safety with features like overheat protection, and tip-over safety switch. This tower heater oscillates for equal heat spread, and features app-controls for a user-friendly heating experience. The ATOMI tower is the perfect fit for bedrooms and living spaces that need a little added coziness.

No matter what your home needs to be just right, there are plenty of options for your heating and cooling needs. Especially on the air conditioning front, there are more and more convenient devices coming out every year. Whether it boasts WiFi connectivity, or just works really, really well. The above devices are bound to help you and your family stay comfortable.

Looking for a reliable HVAC system before you explore all the supplementary technology? Get in touch with us at Cee Dee AC, we have the solution for all of your home and business cooling needs.

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